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Corona Diary
Riverside Drive, New York Ciy, spring 2020
Photographs of the first 2 months of the COVID pandemic. Everything was new, uncertain, changing. Outside was dangerous. The house was the border, the walks took place only inside the house.

56 pages

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sites of worship
Urban landscapes in contemporary America shaped by multitudes of sites of worship, documented in the five boroughs of New York City.

128 pages

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A photo project on the subject of home / Heimat
30 portraits of people who have found a new home in Germany

64 pages

Published by the Commissioner for Immigration of the Thuringian State Government
Erfurt 2003


Unort Brache
Five artistic approaches to the Erfurt industrial fallow of the crematorium manufacturer J. A. Topf & Söhne

Claus Bach, Walter Bergmoser, Thomas Kummerow, Jürgen Maria Pietsch, Hans-Peter Szyszka
40 pages

Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Thüringen | Ev. Akademie Thüringen
Erfurt 2000

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A girl from the desert of Rajasthan
Twelve-year-old Shanti tells about her life in the desert of Rajasthan (India), about the everyday life of her family, about the games and festivals, about the three seasons (summer, rainy season and winter), about the work in the house and in the fields.
An authentic photo children’s book.

Sabine Pabst | Thomas Kummerow

36 pages

Miserior Medienproduktion, Aachen 2000


Works of young photographers from Hamburg

251 pages

Hamburg 1993

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Wilhelmsburger Portraits
Participatory portrait project with residents in the port of Hamburg

Horst Hornig | Thomas Kummerow

19 x 24 cm, 148 pages

Dölling & Galitz publishing house, Hamburg 1992

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