Halit Karaxha and his daughters Ganimete, Shqipe and Xhyleferje

Sven T, Kai P and Andreas S at work on the boiler of their locomotive

Children photo group of the Wilhelmsburg Honeyfactory: Claudia, Monika and Claudia

Karl I at his favorite place in the woods by the river right on Hamburg habour

Workshop project for unemployed youth, here Ismail G, Andreas W, Ramazan B and Mehmet C

Bridgekeeper Dieter S in the control room of his drawbridge

Youth team of the Wilhelmsburg rowing club

Diana G and her daughter Nadine at the playground

Corinna, Christel, Barbara, Susanne and Maren, the team of the public library in Wilhelmsburg

Kurt K with his flock in the harbour of Hamburg

Ekkehardt S with his copper fujara on the dike

The contact area officer Baranowski

Selcuk K in the office of his travel agency

Ms Stein in her barber shop

The daughters of Ms Stein, a page of our Bildwege-Book

Lighter collector Joachim D in front of his collection, a page of our Bildwege-Book

The shepherds Helmut L and Kurt K with her flock close to a hightway in the harbour of Hamburg