Mennonite christian advertising on a shed, Snoe Shoe, Pennsylvania, USA,

Entrance of the towing service of the New York Police Department, Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, New York

Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York

Members of Israel United in Christ, Melrose, Bronx, New York,

Window cover, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York

Followers of Lord Krishna at the Festival of India, Manhattan, New York

Easter sign in Narragansett, Rhode Island, Washington County, USA

Vietnamese homeless with his Homeless Temple on the streets of Flushing, Queens, New York

Praying muslim policeman at the edge of the highway, Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York

Exterior of a car workshop, Van Nest, Bronx, New York

Mennonite choir in the subway, Times Square, Manhattan

Various possibilities of enlightenment on a supermarket shelf, Harlem, Manhattan, New York

Religious articles in a shop window, Mount Eden, Bronx, New York

America needs Fatima Parade, Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York

Memorial with steel cross from the World Trade Center, Rockaway Beach, Brooklyn, New York

Canteen of the Ganesh Temple of the Hindu Temple Society in Flushing, Queens, New York

Facade of a synagogue in Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, New York

Shop for Hindu devotional articles, Richmond Hill, Queens, New York

Shop window, Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York

Muslim woman praying, Staten Island Ferry, New York

Fundraising for a new church, Bronx, New York

Signs of the End of the World, Bronx, New York

Prayer station for the needy, Jamaica Center, Queens, New York

Jackson Hights, Queens, New York | USA

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, New York

Muslim Parade, Manhattan, New York

Gone, Brooklyn, New York

Reverend Vince Anderson at Union Pool, Williamsburg, Brooklyn